Association Agreement

'No to EEA' campaign in Norway (Photo: Nei til EU)

Association Agreement

The EU has different types of agreements with other countries.

An Association Agreement is an agreement between the EU and external (third) countries. According to Art. 217 TFEU (previously Art. 310 TEC of the Nice Treaty), such an agreement is the basis for close co-operation and may lead to later EU membership of the third country.

The Lisbon Treaty established a special article for neighbourhood agreements in Art. 8 TEU.  It could be used to offer Turkey a partnership agreement as an alternative to full membership.   

EEA Agreement

The EEA agreement establishes a common economic area with Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein.

Partnership Agreement

Partnership agreements have been signed with, for example, the former Soviet republics in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).   

Stabilisation and Association Agreement

The EU has Stabilisation and Association Agreements(SAA) with the Balkan countries.     

Development Association Agreement

Development Association agreements are also called Co-operation Agreements (for example, with the Maghreb, Mashreg, or the Cotonou agreement).

Free Trade Association Agreements

Free Trade Association Agreements (for example EEA agreement) and free trade agreements with Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia from 2014.