How to use EUABC

Country and language

The EUABC is available in multiple languages. Only the English version is updated to the Lisbon Treaty. On top of the page you can define the country and language to use.  

Searching the EUABC

The Search Engine will examine each article in its entirety when undertaking a search. But, the EUABC search engine will only search for the precise word that you have entered in the searchfield. A request for "Europe" will, for example, not retrieve the word "European". If you have any doubts, you can find words by letter instead.

Searching by relevance

The EUABC search engine automatically sorts results by relevance. It takes into consideration how many articles contain the required word, and in what context they appear.

Find word by letter

Another way to find a word in the dictionary is to look it up by letter. This feature displays a list of all words in the dictionary, starting with the selected letter.

Factsheets and links

For those who want additional information about a subject, the words contain relevant links to other sources or original documents. Furthermore, some words have factsheets that contain formal information and contrasting political opinions.