Bonde, Jens-Peter (1948 - )

Jens-Peter Bonde, MEP (Photo:

Bonde, Jens-Peter (1948 - )

Author and MEP from 1979 – 2008,  presiding over different political groups for 17 years. Editor of

President of the Independence and Democracy Group (IND/DEM), together with British MEP Nigel Farage (UKIP) until 9 May 2008 when Bonde resigned from the European Parliament after 29 years of  membership.  

For many years he chaired the inter-group "SOS Democracy" in the European Parliament. He was formerly president of the Group for a Europe of Democracies and Diversities, EDD (1999 - 2004), and the "Europe of Nations Group" 1994 - 1999). 

Initiator and Co-President of the Democracy Forum in the Convention on the Future of Europe 2001-2003. 

Bonde was elected to the European Parliament for the Danish Peoples Movement in 1979 and the June Movement from 1994, which he helped found following the Danish No vote on the Maastricht Treaty in June 1992. Since 2014 Bonde has only campaigned for voters to vote in referendums and European elections.



Author of some 60 books on European integration as well as the 

Drafted an alternative EU Treaty in 47 short articles published in the book "From EU Constitution to Lisbon Treaty".  

Initiated the EUDemocrats EUDemocrats as a European political party, is no longer a member


Books in English

Reader-Friendly edition of the Lisbon Treaty

From Constitution to Lisbon Treaty

The Convention - on the FutureS of Europe


Mamma Mia

EU/EC Treaties after Nice - The short reader-friendly edition with the most important articles of the EU/EC treaties as amended by the Treaty of Nice


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