Farage, Nigel (1964 - )

Nigel Farage, MEP (Photo: These Tides)

Farage, Nigel (1964 - )

President of Europe for Freedom and Direct Democarcy, EFDD, in the European Parliament from 2014. Renamed with a new composition after the EFD group.

British member of the European Parliament since 1999. In July 2009, he established a new political group in the European Parliament called Europe for Freedom and Democracy. He was elected president of the group and had an Italian MEP, Francesco Enrico Speroni, as his co-chair.

In July 2004, Farage was elected co-president of the Independence and Democracy Group (Ind/Dem), which was the successor of the EDD Group in the European Parliament.

Farage was a founding member of the UK Independence Party in September 1993 and is now the party leader for a group with 13 elected MEPs - same size as the Labour party.

In 2014 UKIP won the British EP elections and have 24 seats. EFDD

In August 2014 Farage was appointed UKIP candidate  for the British Parliament in Westminster.



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