Political groups

European Social Democrat parties (Photo: http://www.spe-kongress.de/de/impressionen.html)

Political groups

In June 2015, the European Parliament had eight political groups and a group of non-attached members (NI=Non Inscrits). There are 751 members in total from July 2014.

The Socialist group has been renamed the progressive alliance of socialists and democrats, S-D, to include former Italian members from the liberal group amalgamated into the Democratic Party in Italy.

The British Conservatives initated a new group called European Conservatives and Reformists, ECR, in 2009. It bevcame the third biggest group in 2014.

The IND/DEM group disappeared in 2009 and was followed by a new group called Europe for Freedom and Democracy, EFD, renamed Europe for Freedom and Direct Democracy in 2014.

Here is the list of political groups












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