Jakobsen, Frode (1906-1997)

Jakobsen, Frode (Photo: www.kasler-journal.dk/svenove.htm)

Founder of the resistance movement Ringen and Danmarks Frihedsråd (Danish Freedom Council) under the German occupation. Minister in the liberation government. Danish participant in the Congress of Europe at The Hague in 1948.

The European Movement was founded here. The scene was set for the foundation of the Council of Europe and action to promote European integration.

Frode Jakobsen afterwards became President of the European Movement and a Member of the Danish Parliament for the Social Democrats. Even so, he voted ‘no’ in all EU referendums, criticising the EU for lack of democracy.

He was involved in the foundation of the Frode Jakobsen Prize. This is awarded each year at the National Conference of the JuneMovement to a person who has shown unusual personal courage.

The prize has been awarded to: 


1995: Tøger Seidenfaden (editor of the major Danish newspaper "Politiken"). 


1996: Grundlovskomitéen (Danish Constitutional Committee), taking the Maastricht Treaty to court. 


1997: Karl-Otto Meyer, leader of the Danish minority in Germany and their representative in the Parliament in Schleswig-Holstein. 


1998: DR’s Polaroid editorial team at “Danmarks Radio”, for a good coverage on the Schengen agreement. 


1999: Paul van Buitenen, a Dutch civil servant in the Commission who discovered the fraud leading to the fall of the Santer Commission 15 March 1999. 


2000: Marianne Egebrønd, regional leader of the Social democratic Party who raised a minority position on the Euro. 


2001: Bernard Connolly, high-ranking Commission official being sacked for writing a book warning against a single currency. 


2002: Anthony Coughlan, Muriel Sadler, Patricia McKenna, John O’Dowd for having raised resistance towards the Treaty of Nice. 


2003: Marta Andreasen, the leading accounting officer in the Commission being sacked for her criticism of the lack of double bookkeeping. 


2004: Dorte Schmidt-Brown, the Danish official at Eurostat raising internal criticism and being cornered for that and Hans-Martin Tillack, the German Brussels editor of a German magazine "Stern" who disclosed the Eurostat scandal and was arrested for it by Belgian police. 


2005: Eva Joly, the French investigation judge raising court cases against established personalities for considerable fraud. 


2006: Nicolas Dupont-Aignan and Filia den Holländer, French MP for the governing party and a Dutch grass root artist for their different fights for referendums in France and the Netherlands on the proposed EU Constitution.


2008: Declan Ganley, Irish multi-millionaire campaigning for a No in the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty


2009: Hans Jorgen Bonnichsen, former operational chief of the Danish secret service for his outspoken support to civil liberties.


The price has not been awarded since the dissolution of the JuneMovement in 2009.