Ganley, Declan (1968- )

Ganley, Declan (Photo:

GANLEY, Declan (1968)

Succesful Irish businessman who established a European think tank, the Libertas Institute, before the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty of 12 June 2008 in Ireland.

Ganley was one of leaders of the No side. When the 27 Prime Ministers decided to continue with their ratifications of the Lisbon Treaty he decided to move his campaign to the European elections of June 2009.

He headed the first pan-European party to be independently established without EU funding in the European elections in June 2009. Libertas had its own lists in several EU member states and recommended certain candidates and parties in others.

Its first party rally was in Rome on 1 May 2009.

Its political priorities were to reform the EU in accordance with the principles of democracy, accountability and transparency.

Ganley was a candidate for the European elections in June 2009 in the North West constituency in Ireland but failed to be elected in the 3 seat constituency.

Ganley was born in Britain of Irish parents and lives now near Tuam, Co.Galway, in the West of Ireland. His main company is Rivada, which sells back-up telecommunications systems for use in the event of  natural  or man-made disasters where existing communications networks break down.

He has been criticized by political enemies for not being transparent enough as regards his financial contributions to the 2008 Irish referendum campaign on the Lisbon Treaty.  

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