Barnier, Michel (1951 - )

Michel Barnier (Photo: EU Commission)

Barnier, Michel (1951 - )

French Vice-President in the Commission from 2009–14, responsible for the Internal Market and Services. Candidate for the Presidency, but lost the vote as EPP-candidate to Luxembourg’s Jean-Claude Junker at an EPP congress in Dublin in 2014.

In the Prodi Commission from 1999 Michel Barnier was Commissioner with responsibility for Regional Policy and Constitutional Affairs and was one of the two EU Commission representatives in the Convention on the Future of Europe

Headed the Convention Defence working group. He also represented the Commission in the Intergovernmental Conference on an EU Constitution, which started 4 October 2003. 

Became French Minister in the Sarkozy government and was elected an MEP in July 2009. EPP


Former French Environment Minister and state secretary. 


Michel Barnier
Commission 1999-2004