de Boissieu, Pierre (1945 - )

de Boissieu, Pierre (1945 - )

Former Secretary General in the Council of Ministers from 2009-11 followed by the German diplomat Uwe Corsepius. Previously deputy secretary-general in the Council who led the Council Secretariat and assisted the rotating presidencies. At present the presidency changes every 6 months. 

Javier Solana was formally the secretary-general of the Council. His main job was to be the High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy and he had therefore no time for the ordinary Council work. 

De Boissieu is a former permanent representative of France in Brussels and he is the grandnephew of the former French president Charles de Gaulle



- De Boissieu was appointed because of a Franco-German deal. When he was elected 13  member states preferred the then Danish permanent representative, Poul Skytte Christoffersen. Only two countries, Germany and France, wanted de Boissieu. The Frenchman won the post with these two supporters - against the other 13. 

This post is appointed by a qualified majority according to the Lisbon Treaty