Budget for 2011

Budget for 2011

The EU budget for 2011 was agreed in December 2010 and approximated to 141.9 billion EUR.


EU custom duties and sugar levies – 16,777 billion EUR

VAT from the member states – 13,787 billion EUR

Payments from member states by GNI – 94,502 billion EUR

Miscellaneous + surpluses from the previous year (p.m.) – 1,460 billion EUR

Total income – 126,527 billion EUR (1% of GNI)

Expenditure (commitments)

Sustainable growth – 53.3 billion EUR (of which 13.5 billion for Competitiveness and 51.0 billion for Cohesion)

Preservation and management of natural resources – 58.7 billion EUR (of which 42.9 billion was for Direct payments and market related expenditure and 14.4 billion for Rural development, environment and fisheries)

Citizenship, freedom, security and justice – 1.8 billion EUR (of which 1.1 billion was  for Freedom, security and justice and 0.7 billion for Citizenship)

The EU as a global player – 8.8 billion EUR

Administrative expenditure (for all EU institutions) – 8.2 billion EUR (of which 3.3 billion was for the Commission)

Total expenditure - 141.9 billion EUR (~1% of GNI)

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