Bosman case

Court of Justice, Luxembourg (Photo: Court of Justice)

Bosman case

EU Court case about football.The EU Court ruled in 1995 against transfer rules between football clubs. Professional football is regarded as an economic activity covered by the treaties.

Jean-Marc Bosman was a professional football player for the club Liege RC. The club demanded a transfer fee of 11,743,000 BFR (291,101 euro) for him to change clubs. According to the Court, rules providing a transfer fee after the expiry of the contract are not compatible with the principle of free movement of workers.

In order to promote the development of young players of the home nation some football associations limited to five the number of foreign players each club team was allowed to field. The Court also ruled that limiting the number of professional players who are nationals of other member states is precluded by the Treaty. Case C-415/93.

The Lisbon Treaty established sport as a new area of cooperation in Art. 165 TFEU.


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