Referenda on the Constitutional Treaty

Referenda on the Constitutional Treaty

Both Euro-federalists and Euro-sceptics did call for a referendum in all EU member countries on the proposed constitution. 

A campaigning group, the European Referendum Campaign, ERC, was calling for a referendum on the Constitution to be held in all EU countries on the same date. For countries whose national constitution does not allow for binding referendums, the ERC called for consultative referendums to be held there. 

There have been held referendums in Spain and Luxembourg, where 76,7% and 56,52% voted yes, and in France and The Netherlands where 54,8% and 61,7% voted no. The referendums in Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom, Poland, the Czech Republic and Portugal were exposed or cancelled. 

Ireland then voted on the Lisbon Treaty 12 June 2008. 53,4% voted No and 46,6% voted Yes. The turnout was 53% - higher than in the second referendum on the Nice Treaty in Ireland where 49% took part in the referendum against 35% in the first Irish Nice referendum giving a majority for a No.   

Ireland voted on the Lisbon Treaty again 2 October 2009 where it was adopted by 2/3 majority.



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