Rapid Reaction Force

(Photo: Notat)

Rapid Reaction Force

The idea of a common European military force has been proposed several times since it was first introduced by the Pleven plan in 1954.

The first solid proposals for a army Rapid Reaction Force came at the Helsinki Summit in December 1999. It was finally agreed by the EU’s defence ministers in February 2000, who re-affirmed their commitment to the formation of a 60,000-strong force by 2003.

This Rapid Reaction Force is intended to work alongside NATO as a complimentary force. Its strongest supporter is France who has been pushing for an independent European Army. Other member states and the U.S. were worried about coursing a possible split of the NATO alliance.

Then France came back in NATO and the Lisbon Treaty has opened for a full defence chapter in Arts. 42-46 TEU.


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