National minorities

National minorities

In Europe 47 countries found 340 national minorities with 100 million people. The EU alone has 60 minority languages ​​in addition to the 24 official languages​​. Ethnic minorities are organized in FUEN, the Federal Union of European Nationalities. The President is the longtime leader of the German minority in Denmark, Hans Heinrich Hansen. 

The national minorities are planning a Minority House in Flensburg, funded by the EU Interreg means and with support of the Danish Government and the Regional Government of Schleswig-Holstein.

FUEN has together with several prominent supporters from different regions in Europe put forward an European Citizens Initiative for the support of the minorities, language and cultural diversity. The European Commission rejected the proposed Citizens Initiative and now the case is at the European Court of Justice in Luxemburg to be decided.  

The Lisbon Treaty and the Charter of Fundamental Rights are protecting national minorities against discrimination. The first draft was prepared by a Danish member of the European Parliament, together with the presidents of the Danish minority in Germany and the German minority in Denmark.