Libertas has been presented as the first true pan-European movement standing for the European elections in most member states in June 2009. It did so without EU funding. Its programme stated that it sought to establish "democracy, accountability and transparency” in the EU. 

A successful Irish business person, Declan Ganley, founded the movement. It argued for a No vote in the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty 12 June 2008. When the Irish government decided to re-run this referendum Ganley decided to move his campaign to the other EU member states by setting up or sponsoring a Libertas list in most of them. 

Libertas was approved as a European political party in February 2009. This approval was later withdrawn when two of its founding signatories signing withdrew their support. Libertas offered to deliver new signatures from other MPs and MEPs to upheld its position as a European party. 

Declan Ganley declared that he would take no public money for his party before it had obtained a popular mandate in the elections. He did not apply for EU subsidies for 2010 because he was not elected in Ireland and got no other seats.

Libertas had its first congress in Rome 1 May 2009. 

The party had a website in all EU languages at the address: