Information Policy

The EU has over 1000 information centres world-wide (Photo:

Information Policy

The EU runs several information programmes. In every member state both, the EU Commission and the European Parliament maintain representation offices. The EU has over 1000 information centres worldwide. 

The European Commission adopted in 2006 a White Paper on a European Communication Policy. Vice-President of the Commission, Margot Wallstrom, said: "Communication is first and foremost a matter of democracy. People have a right to know what the EU does and what it stands for. And they have a right to fully participate in the European project". 

The Commission has a joint programme involving the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers

The Commission is also forming partnerships with interested EU countries to help them explain the workings of the EU in schools. 

The Commission has also strategies for internet and audio-visual communication. 

The EU Commission proposed to include an article on the Union's communication policy in the Lisbon Treaty.