Document types and designations


In general, EU Commission documents are named COM-documents. European Parliament documents are named PE-documents. The Committee of the Region uses CDR as a designation and the Social and Economic Committee CES.

Usually, the documents also give information about the legislative procedures: ACC for agreement, AVC for assent, COD for co-decision, CNB for consultation of ECB, CNS for consultation and SYN for co-operation.

Final documents can be found in the Eur-Lex database. Preparatory documents can be found in the Pre-Lex database. They are classified as such:

Type Content Availability
1,2,3,4,5 Old European Parliament documents  
A2,A3,A4,A5 Reports adopted in Parliamentary committee Since 1994
B4,B5 Documents for European Parliament plenary session  
BULL Bulletin of the European Union Since 1994
C Commission document relating to official acts within the Commission's own areas of responsibility ("autonomous acts"). Some of these are sent to the Council or Parliament for information, in which case they are cited in PreLex.  
C2,C3,C4, C5 Documents from the other institutions, distributed by the European Parliament  
COR Opinion of the Committee of the Regions  
CES-CESE Opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee Since September 1999
COM Commission documents for the other institutions (legislative proposals, communications, reports, etc.) All the official electronic texts of COM documents are available for the years since 1999
CSE Old documents for the European Council  
IP Commission press releases Since 1998
JO Official Journal Since 1998
JO C Official Journal C series Since 1998
JO C E Official Journal C electronic Since 1998
JO L Official Journal L series Since 1998
LET Old Commission documents ("Letter") sent to the Council without annexes or with an unnumbered document  
PE Single number given to all European Parliament documents  
PRES Council press release Since 1998
SEC Miscellaneous Commission documents  
TA European Parliament texts (texts adopted)