Croatia became the EU’s 28th member state from July 2013 after a referendum on 22 January 2012 agreeing to membership with 67% Yes, 33% No on a 44% turnout. 

Croatia has a population of 4.381.000 citizens and an area of 56,610 km². One of the five countries that were part of the former Yugoslavia. Independent since 1992. 

Croatia was a full participant in the Stabilisation and Association Process (SAP) which was adopted in 1999 and which led to a Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA)

The Feira European Council in 2000 stated that all the countries covered by the SAP were potential candidates for EU membership.   



- In January 2003 Croatia was invited by the Greek Presidency and the EU Commission to apply for EU membership. 

- Croatia applied on 21 February 2003. At the Thessaloniki Summit in June 2003 EU leaders were unequivocal that all Western Balkan countries will eventually join the EU. 

- In June 2004 Croatia was accepted as a potential candidate for EU membership.