Convention Praesidium

Convention Praesidium (Photo: European Commission)

Convention Presidium

The Convention on The future of Europe was run by 13 people in a Praesidium, including two representatives from the EU Commission. The Praesidium was led by the former French President, Giscard d'Estaing

The Christian Democrats had seven members and the Socialists had five. The Liberals were represented by the Danish government representative Henning Christophersen.

The four other political groups in the European Parliament had no representation in the Presidium. They  protested at the lack of transparency in the Convention’s preparatory work.   



- The Presidium often negotiated proposals until its members agreed. When it had agreed on a text, it was difficult for the Convention to alter it. 

- The national Parliaments sent a mild protest over their lack of involvement. The protest had around 50 signatures. 

- The Convention allowed a minority of its members to have their minority report enclosed as a supplement to be submitted to the Heads of State and Government.