Klaus, Vaclav (1941 - )

Vaclav Klaus

Klaus, Vaclav (1941 - )

Euro Sceptic politician from the Czeck Republic who has also published books against the EU. Former President of the Czech Republic who upheld the Lisbon Treaty after the second referendum in Ireland 2 October 2009.

According to the Czech Constitution, the president negotiates and signs international treaties. The government and the two houses, Assembly and Senate, did both approve the Treaty.

The Constitutional Court approved it in a first hearing and again 3 November 2009 in a new case raised by 17 Senators. The Court had instructed Mr Klaus to wait signing until the Court came with its verdict. He then signed the same day and the Lisbon Treaty could enter into force 1 December 2009.

President Klaus asked for a legally binding Protocol safeguarding the so-called Benes Decrees from the liberation after the German occupation. He got the promise in a summit in Brussels 29-30 November 2009.


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