The size of strawberries for sale in shops is decided by the European Commission in a regulation”binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member states”. 

According to an EU-regulation (EC No 843/2002 May 21 2002) it is illegal to sell strawberries measuring less than 18 mm in diameter. The detailed EU-rules applies to strawberries sold in shops and in local markets. It is possible to sell strawberries with a smaller diameter for industrial production of jam.

Strawberries in "Extra" class must be at least 25 mm in diameter. Classes I and II 18 mm. There is no minimum size for wild strawberries.

The EU has different rules on the size and quality of most fruit. It is now permitted to sell cucumbers not respecting the EU rules on their curvature. The reform of the market for fruit and vegetables in 2009 has not yet changed the rules for the sale of all fruits.

The EU has anti-dumping-duties on the import of frozen strawberries from China.



Commission Regulation (EC) No 843/2002 of 21 May 2002 laying down the marketing standard for strawberries and amending Regulation (EEC) No 899/87  

  OJ L 134, 22.5.2002, p. 24–28 (ES, DA, DE, EL, EN, FR, IT, NL, PT, FI, SV)