Calendar of EU presidencies

Belgian EU Presidency flag at Genval, September 2001 (Photo: Lisbeth Kirk)

Calendar of EU presidenciess

The Lisbon Treaty established the post of permanent president of the European Council, a so-called "European Council President". Furthermore, the rotation system  for the Council of Ministers has been changed to a system of team presidencies composed of three countries consisting of the current, the previous and the incoming presidency. Each Member State will still preside over most councils for 6 months.

The Council of Ministers is led by

Italy: July-December 2014
Latvia: January-June 2015
Luxembourg: July-December 2015
Netherlands: January-June 2016
Slovakia: July-December 2016
Malta: January-June 2017
United Kingdom: July-December 2017
Estonia: January-June 2018
Bulgaria: July-December 2018
Austria: January-June 2019
Romania: July-December 2019
Finland: January-June 2020


Here is the former list of Presidencies:

2003: Greece and Italy


2004: Ireland and the Netherlands


2005: Luxembourg and United Kingdom


2006: Austria and Finland


2007: Germany and Portugal


2008: Slovenia and France


2009: Czech Republic and Sweden


2010: Spain and Belgium


2011: Hungary and Poland


2012: Denmark and Cyprus


2013: Ireland and Lithuania


2014: Greece and Italy


2015: Latvia and Luxembourg


2016: The Nederlands and Slovakia


2017: Malta and the United Kingdom