Voting in the European Parliament

(Photo: Notat)

Voting in the European Parliament

The normal requirement is a simple majority of votes.

For the ordinary legislative procedure, approval of the Commission and the consent procedures an absolute majority of EP-members are required.

An absolute majority is 376 out of 751 possible votes. 

To censure the Commission the European Parliament needs a 2/3 majority also representing an absolute majority of members.



* 80 % of all decisions under the ordinary legislative procedure is taken by simple majority in only one reading where a compromise has been established between Commission, Council and Parliament.

*  The European Parliament has participated in up to 1000 Trialogue meetings in 2013  and ithereby nfluenced law making, based on amendments approved by a simple majority. The Commission will have counted if the amanedments have gained absolute majority - because this is the condition in the so-called second reading.

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