Better Law-making


Better Law-making

EU decision-making can be difficult to understand. The institutions therefore committed themselves to make the law-making process more simple, transparent and easier to grasp.

The Council, the EU Commission and the European Parliament have negotiated an inter-institutional agreement on better law-making.   

The Commission publishes an annual report on better law-making

The EU Constitution proposed to limit the legal acts of the Union to European law, European framework law, decisions, regulations, recommendations and opinions. The Lisbon Treaty continued all  the old regulations and directives and invented a  new legal category of "delegated acts".

It also made co-decision the ordinary legislative procedure for making EU laws and abolished the co-operation procedure in favour of Consultation and more co-decision.

In 2013 tthe Commission issued a Communication on the simplification of EU legislation. "Targeted and effective regulation (refit): Achievements and next steps", it was called. It completed a comprehensive screening of all existing EU legislation and explained what had already been done and what further action it would do to simplify and accelerate economic growth and employment.



Communication from the Commission - targeted and effective regulation (refit): Achievements and Next Steps (Com (2013) 685). 

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