Voting in the EU Commission

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Voting in the EU Commission

Decisions in the Commission must be taken with an absolute majority of the Commissioners, at least 15 of the 28 members. However, voting takes place very rarely. Most decisions are taken in working groups or by written procedure. 

Under the Barroso Commission from, 2004–14 they have never voted in the college. 

Member states has one Commissioner each. 

The Lisbon Treaty proposed that each member state would only initially have a Commissioner until 2014. The Commission would then be reduced to a number corresponding to 2/3 of the member states.

A system of equal rotation should make sure that no country could be without a Commissioner for more than one period at a time. This proposal was archived after the Irish referendum rejecting the Lisbon Treaty 12 June 2008. 

The Lisbon Treaty leave it to  member states governments to "suggest" names for the Commission. Today  member states "propose" their candidate. The new wording means that member states can no longer be sure to have their own candidate approved. 2,227 in Empowerment procedure and 4,008 in delegation or sub-delegation.


In 2008, among 9,571 decisions 269 - this is 0,0006% - were files adopted in oral procedure, 3,067 in writing, 2,227 in Empowerment procedure and 4,008 in delegation or sub-delegation.



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