Directorate General, DG

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Directorate General, DG

The EU Commission is composed of 33 Directorate Generals. Each is headed by a Director General under the responsibility of a Commissioner and deals with a specific policy area.

Formerly DGs were referred to by a number. EU Commission President Romano Prodi changed the system so that they now have different names. For example, DG 3 became DG Industry and DG 11 became DG Environment.

Departments (DGs)

·         Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRI)

·         Budget (BUDG)

·         Climate Action (CLIMA)

·         Communication (COMM)

·         Communications Networks, Content and Technology (CNECT)

·         Competition (COMP)

·         Economic and Financial Affairs (ECFIN)

·         Education and Culture (EAC)

·         Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (EMPL)

·         Energy (ENER)

·         Enlargement (ELARG)

·         Enterprise and Industry (ENTR)

·         Environment (ENV)

·         EuropeAid Development & Cooperation (DEVCO)

·         Eurostat (ESTAT)

·         Health and Consumers (SANCO)

·         Home Affairs (HOME)

·         Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO)

·         Human Resources and Security (HR)

·         Informatics (DIGIT)

·         Internal Market and Services (MARKT)

·         Interpretation (SCIC)

·         Joint Research Centre (JRC)

·         Justice (JUST)

·         Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MARE)

·         Mobility and Transport (MOVE)

·         Regional Policy (REGIO)

·         Research and Innovation (RTD)

·         Secretariat-General (SG)

·         Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI)

·         Taxation and Customs Union (TAXUD)

·         Trade (TRADE)

·         Translation (DGT)


·         Bureau of European Policy Advisers (BEPA)

·         Central Library

·         European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF)

·         European Commission Data Protection Officer

·         Historical archives

·         Infrastructures and Logistics - Brussels (OIB)

·         Infrastructures and Logistics - Luxembourg (OIL)

·         Internal Audit Service (IAS)

·         Legal Service (SJ)

·         Office For Administration And Payment Of Individual Entitlements (PMO)

·         Publications Office (OP)

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