Budget for 2009

Official Journal of the European Union (Photo: www.ec.europa.eu/budget)

Budget for 2009

The EU budget for 2009 was agreed in December 2008 and approximated to 133.8 billion EUR.

EU agricultural duties and sugar levies 1,550 billion EUR
EU Customs duties 17,656 billion EU

VAT from the member states 19,616 billion EUR

Fourth resource (Payments from member states by GNI) 75,914 billion EUR
Miscellaneous + surpluses from the previous year 1,359 billion EUR

Total income 116.096 billion EUR 

Expenditure (commitments)
Agriculture and natural ressources 59,639 billion EUR
Structural, Convergence, Competitiveness and Growth operations 59,700 billion EUR
Internal policies 1,523 billion EUR
External action 7,440 billion EUR
Compensation to Bulgaria and Romania  0.210 billion EUR
Administrative expenditure 7,699 billion EUR
Reserves 0.744 billion EUR 

Total expenditures 136,221 billion EUR  


EU Budget 2009: