Committees of the European Parliament

Committee meeting (Photo: EU Commission)

Committees of the European Parliament

There are 22 Committees with 24 – 76 members each to prepare decisions by the full European ParliamentAccording to new rules the committees can - with an especially large majority - decide certain issues on their own. 

The committees appoint “rapporteurs”  to negotiate Parliament's position and represent the Parliament in the ordinary legislative procedure. The political groups appoint “shadow rapporteurs” to negotiate with the rapporteur and help to find compromises with the Commission and the Council.

Each group will also have a “coordinator” to represent the views of the political groups. 

A President and normally four Vic- Presidents and a bureau with a coordinator from each political group are leading the committee work.


Here is the list from the website of the EP after the elections in 2014:


Standing committees





Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament:;format=XML&language=EN